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- Licensed Nail Technician
- Certified Advanced Nail Technician
- Certified Safe Salon Professional
- Medical Nail/Podiatry Training (6 Years)
- Massage Training (605 Hours)
- Continuing Education For Nail Technicians


Taylor Manuel

Taylor has been servicing the Richmond area for over 10 years now as a Licensed Nail Technician. Taylor got her start as a nail tech in a Carytown Salon and Spa while she was attending massage therapy school to further her spa education, where she received her school certification for completing the 605 hours of massage practice.


She then decided to open her own nail spa in 2012 in Short Pump, which was then moved back to her home town in 2014. In 2015, Taylor decided to close her shop and focus on her medical training along side podiatrists in the Richmond area. Having the medical training under her, Taylor enrolled in an online course for advanced and medical nail treatments, where she became a Certified Advanced Nail Technician in 2018.


She has continued to further her nail education, from pretty and polished hands and toes, to fixing up bacterial/fungal nail issues.

Taylor specializes in all nail issues, diabetic and elderly nail and foot health.

Refresh Wellness & Nail Care offers a clean, quality, and safe service every time!
We travel to your residence or hospital/hotel room and take care of your hands, feet, and nails to keep you feeling healthy. We don't skimp on your massage or hurry through the service.
Our goal is to provide our clients with a relaxing and detailed service that you are sure to enjoy.
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Our technicians are current with all state licenses and exams.

Although it is not mandatory for the state of VA, our techs also take continuing education courses to stay current and up to date in the nail and health industry. We follow all DPOR rules and regulations.

We use high-level disinfectants that kill fungus, bacteria, mold, odor, HIV-1, HBV, and HCV. 
Towels: Are washed in bleach after each use. Gloves: During pedicures, gloves are worn to protect our clients and technicians from any transmitted issues.
During manicures, we ask that our clients wash and dry their hands before the service starts. As well as, using a hand sanitizer to kill any remaining germs.

Foot Basin: Our travel basin is easily scrubbed and cleaned with our high-level disinfectant. Meanwhile our studio foot basin has no jets, no filters, and uses only a magnetic propeller to spin water for a relaxing effect.
Jet Tubs are the #1 cause for infection and fungal/bacterial issues. Before and after each service, we clean the foot basins with our high-level disinfectant.
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Feet at spa pedicure procedure
Non-Metal Implements: These include; hand or foot file pads, buffers, cuticle sticks, sanding bands, wipes/gauze, and dipping trays.
All are disposable items.
Each of these items is picked new per person and is then thrown away at the end of each client's service.
We do not reuse any of these items. Metal Implements: These include; hand or foot files, nippers, clippers, Dremel bits, metal pushers, etc.
All non-disposable tools are washed and scrubbed with antibacterial soap then soaked for the recommended time in a high-level disinfectant. They are then placed in pouches and sealed for next use.
Once dry, each item is then individually packaged in an autoclave pouch to be steam-sterilized inside the autoclave.